A few of your favourite fees

Posted on: May 27th, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

Anyone who flies frequently knows there are some pretty ridiculous airline fees out there, but some are a bit more irksome than others. According to J.D Power & Associates’ 2012 North American Airline Satisfaction Study, passengers find baggage fees are the least reasonable, with only 28% of the flyers surveyed saying they thought they were reasonable.   However, there are many fees that travelers are more than willing to pay.  70% of those surveyed were perfectly happy to fork over extra cash if it meant they got priority boarding, and close to 65% were happy to pay to upgrade their tickets to business or first class.

(Of course, when you fly charter, you get a pass on all these fees while enjoying the added convenience of flying when and where you want to.)

Why does it matter? The 2013 study is due out soon, and it will show us just how complacent travelers have become when it comes to extra airline fees.  And it will determine whether or not that will lead to even more fees from airlines in the future.

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