A reward for packing light

Posted on: June 8th, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

The baggage fees introduced by American carriers have created a strange situation.  In an effort to avoid baggage fees, travelers try to cram as much as they can into their carry-on bags, often trying to fit over sized-baggage into the overhead bins.  As a response some carriers have begun allowing passengers without carry-on baggage to board first.

American Airlines announced that it would make this practice official policy.  Those who pack light – without any carry on baggage – will now be able to board before groups larger than two, but not before uniformed members of the armed forces, first- and business-class passengers, and elite frequent flyers.

This is probably only really good news for passengers on short trips who don’t already have elite frequent flyer status.  Ultimately it will depend on how strictly the rule is enforced.

Read more at www.economist.com

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