Air Charter Services

For over 40 years Adirondack Flying Service has been making air travel safer and simpler. Our air taxi and air charter services are all about quick flights and no hassles at a reasonable cost, making flying with us easy on you and your bottom line.

Your Options

While we can fly anywhere in North America (at least 10 times more airports than commercial jets) we specialize in flying our clients between their home in metropolitan areas like Boston, New York and Washington DC and destinations in the Adirondacks, Vermont, and throughout the northeast.

Your Priorities

Our roomy cabin class twin-engine aircraft can take off and land at convenient local airports, saving you time on the ground as well as in the air.

Your Experience

Our comfortably appointed cabins can accommodate up to 7 passengers, so your entire team can travel together, relaxing or privately developing business strategy without losing time in long airport security lines or crowded commercial airliners. You’ll arrive at your destination energized and ready to complete the business at hand.

Complete a short form to request a personalized Quote and see how convenient and cost effective air charter services can be, or call 866-439-2399 or 518-523-2488