Allen Mountain – Newcomb, NY

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Mt_Allen_summit_ridge_NYSome say Allen Mountain is the most difficult of the 46 peaks.  Whether that is true or not, it certainly offers a challenging climb to the top that is well worth the effort.

Number 26 on the list of the 46 High Peaks, this trail is recommended only for experienced hikers.  Nearly 20 miles round trip, this strenuous trip is a full day’s hike.

It is considered the most difficult peak of them all because it is a 9 mile hike each way over forest and logging roads, just to the base of the peak.  Heading to the top is heavily wooded and can be quite confusing.  The summit is heavily wooded and views are less spectacular than other peaks because of this.  Some may consider the hike unrewarding because of this.

Much the this hike is on unmarked trails, making it difficult and confusing. Though the summit is heavily wooded the views can be quite good and the final climb is quite enjoyable.

You’ll find free parking near the primary trailhead.  From there you’ll descend to a crossing over the Hudson River.  The bridge has not been rebuilt and you will have to wade through the river.  In spring this may not be safe.   After a short walk you’ll come to a vantage point over Jimmy Lake, offering great views.

Several miles ahead, there is another water crossing at Opalescent River.   There is no bridge and you will need to wade through the river.  From this point you can follow the herd path, which is quite pleasant and beautiful.  When you get to the base of the summit you can climb the exposed rock or continue along the herd path for easier ascent.

Though the summit is heavily wooded there are several clearings which provide beautiful views.

Allen Mountain is a long, strenuous hike and is recommended only for the experienced.  However, if you’re looking to experience many of the 46 High Peaks, or are an experienced hiker and up for the challenge, it is an excellent way to spend your day and to experience the Adirondacks!


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