Bretton Woods, NH

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800px-Mt._Washington_from_Bretton_WoodsNestled in the White Mountains, Bretton Woods is the home of New England’s largest ski resort.  The resort is also known to be among the most family friendly, offering plenty of runs suitable for younger children and less experienced skiers, as well as other activities.

The village, located within the town of Carroll, NH, is perhaps best known for the Bretton Woods Conference which took place in July of 1944.  The conference was an attempt to rebuilt the international economic system at the close of WWII. Delegates from 44 Allied nations gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel for three week conference, which resulted in the establishment of the World Bank and the IMF.

While it has a very grand claim to fame, most people come to Bretton Woods for the ski resort, currently celebrating its 40th season, and its other leisure attractions.  The ski resort is the largest in New Hampshire, and continues to win awards for its programs geared toward children.   Many also come to visit the Mount Washington Hotel, now an historic landmark, not only for its important history but also for its amazing hospitality.

The Cog Railway, sometimes called the “railway to the moon,” is another major attraction.  It is the world’s first mountain climbing cog railway, and is still in operation, climbing Mount Washington.  It runs a special ski train during wither.  It’s the second steepest railway in the world.  The railway was built by Sylvester Marsh, who came up with the idea whilst ascending Mount Washington in 1852.  He invested $5,000 of his own money into the project.  Though Marsh obtained a charted for the road in 1858, the projected was stalled until 1866 because of the Civil War.  Finally, he was able to find investors and in construction reached the summit in 1869.   Since then it has been in continuous operation, only with interruptions during the World Wars.

Bretton Woods offers great skiing and family fun.  It’s also the home of five time Olympian Bode Miller.  The ski resort has been named as one of the top five for families, offering fantastic novice and intermediate runs.  It also offers some advanced/expert runs, though they are not as intense as some of the more expert runs in Maine and Vermont.  It offers a quiet, fun place to relax and experience some of your favorite winter activities.

Bretton Woods is most easily accessed by car, as it sits on Route 302 East and there are no nearby airports.  It’s roughly 2.5 hours from Boston, via I-93.  It is 2 hours from Portland via Route 302 West.   It is 3 hours from Montreal via Auto Route 10E, and 6 hours from New York City via I-95.

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