Burlington Air Charter

We’re here to make your Burlington travel experience simple. Our air charter services are all about quick, convenient flights at a reasonable cost with no hassles.

Though most of our Burlington air charter clients fly to New York, Boston and other New England cities, we fly into over 5,000 airports in the US and Canada. This includes all major airports as well as local airports too small for typical jet charters. So you can arrive closer to your final destination.

Getting between business destinations can offer special challenges in and around Burlington. Surrounded as it is by miles of scenic countryside, it can take hours to drive to a business meeting in a major metropolitan area like Boston, Portland or New York.  Because we fly cabin class twin-engine aircraft, we offer all the comfort and convenience of jet air charter very cost effectively. That means reducing business trips that would include days on the road and overnights in unfamiliar cities to a short air charter flight in a day that includes dinner at home with your family.

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