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How to Pack a Suitcase for Business Travel

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The rising cost of ticket changes

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US Airways and United Airlines both recently increased their change fee for non-refundable tickets.  The fee rose from $150 to $200 for domestic flights.  Delta Air Lines is expected to do the same in the near future.  Southwest, however, still has no traditional change fees, though the company has recently changed its policy to include fees to passengers who do not cancel their flights in advance.

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Secret lands of nod

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If you’ve traveled enough you’ve had the experience of trying (and perhaps failing) to stay awake, despite having already checked out of your hotel and hours still to go until you catch your flight.  Where can you go to get a few extra hours of sleep?!

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Online calculators combat jet lag

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Controlling your exposure to light is the best way to help fight jet lag.  However, this gets pretty confusing depending on which direction you are traveling, when, and how far.  Thankfully there are several online calculators that can uncomplicate the process for you by creating a custom sleep plan to help you avoid jet lag based off of your itinerary.

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Judge dismisses AAdvantage members’ lawsuit against American Airlines

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Members of American Airlines AAdvantage club, Karen Ross and Steven Edelman filed a complaint in September of 2012 asking Judge Sean Lane to stop the airline’s plans to convert “old miles” (those accumulated prior to July 1st, 1989, which never expired and could be redeemed for lower mileage levels) into “new miles”.  The judge threw out the case, which means AA can go ahead with their plans.  Four “old miles” and now worth five “new miles” but they can expire.

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Getting shut-eye on the road

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Sleeping on the road can be tough.  Your surroundings are unfamiliar, the bed just doesn’t feel right, and the noise level in your hotel may not be to your liking, and that’s not even taking jet lag into account.  Here are some tips for getting some shut eye while traveling.

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