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Adirondack High Peaks Scenic Flight

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Thanks to majorfogs for this video of their  Adirondack High Peaks Scenic Flight

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame – Saratoga Springs, NY

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The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is a fantastic museum detailing the history of Thoroughbread racing in the United States.  It brings history to life through its amazing collection of trophies from past wins, racing memorabilia, and equine art.

The Hall of Fame was opened in 1950 and each year it honors jockeys, trainers, and horses who have made significant contributions of the sport of throughbread racing.

Even those who are not racing fans can find enough to entertain themselves for an afternoon in this museum.  The exhibits are adorned with gorgeous photographs, art, and memorabilia that make learning about the history of racing all the more interesting.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the horse racing simulator, which allows you to see what it feels like to be a jockey! Children will also enjoy the hands on learning center, where children can groom and saddle a life-size horse, dress like a jockey, and learn about different shoes that racing thoroughbreads might wear.

The museum features multiple galleries, as well as exhibits on racing and horses in Colonial, Pre-Civil War era, Post Civil War era, and contemporary racing.  Other exhibits detail the anatomy of a horse, and recreation of a tack room lets you see everything that a jockey needs to compete. The garden features life sized memorials to Seabiscuite and Secretariat.

This museum is brimming with information and art about racing, and horses. Even someone who is not a racing fan, or a “horse person” will find it to be an enjoyable and informative museum, which they can find many hours exploring.

Saratoga Spa State Park – Saratoga Springs, NY

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Saratoga Spa State Park is the cultural hub of Saratoga Springs.  A National Historic Landmark, the park is home to several mineral baths, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the Naional Museum of Dance, the Gideon Putnam Resort, Spa Little Theater, the Saratoga Automobile Museum, and Roosevelt Baths and Spa.  It is also home to two golf courses, which can be used for cross country skiing, ice skating, and ice hockey in the winter!  This park offers endless distractions to fill your day.  It is also just a great place to head for a picnic or a casual walk to enjoy the scenery!

Saratoga Springs is home to many natural mineral springs which are purported to heal all manner of ailments.  This belief has been held since the French and Indian War when Sir William Johnson was brought to Saratoga to recover from his injuries.   The city is home to the only active geysers east of the Mississippi.  It was during the 19th century that the area become visited by people traveling far and wide to experience its healing waters for themselves.  Its popularity continued and in WWII, veterans flooded the city to use the natural baths to aid their healing.  These spas became a state park in 1962, and a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Operating springs are Hathorne, Hayes, Orenda, Charlie, Geyser, State Seal and Polaris.  The Lincoln baths are also in operation!Admission to the baths requires a $20 fee.

Aside from its famous mineral springs, Spa Park’s recreational opportunities are vast and varied.  The Performing Arts Center is the summer home of the New York City Ballet and the Philedelphia Orchestra.  The amphitheater hosts many different events, particularly jazz and dance.  The Little Theater also hosts numerous summer events.  The National Museum of Dance, and the Saratoga Automobile Museum are also worth a visit!

The park is well landscaped, and maintained well without compromising its natural beauty.  There are plenty of picnic tables mixed in along its tree lined lanes.  Hiking, cycling, tennis, golf, fishing, and in winter cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and hockey are all enjoyed by visitors to the park.  Peerless Pool offers lots of different pools to enjoy, including an Olympic sized pool, and pools with water slides.

Saratoga Spa State Park is a fabulous place to visit.  With tons of museums, its historic mineral springs, and countless other activities, you can easily spend several days here before exhausting all it has to offer.  Stroll through its wooded hiking trails, go for a swim, or enrich your mind by visiting one of its many museums, or just relax and enjoy the scenery! It’s impossible to run out of things to do at this great park!

Mount Colden – Lake Placid, NY

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Number 11 on the list of 46 High Peaks, Mount Colden is among the most popular peaks in the High Peaks Region.  It is known for its very distinctive Trap Dike, which runs up the center of the mountain. The dike, which drops off into Avalanche Lake, is considered one of the best slide climbs in the area.

This peak is less crowded than Marcy and Algonquin but you can expect to see a few dozen people if you visit on a weekend.  The summit provides beautiful views of Algonquin and Marcy as well as amazing views down to Avalanche Lake.  The trail to Avalanche Lake also boasts its own impressive views.

There are two maintained trails up to Mount Colden.  Both can be reached from the Adirondack Loj trailhead.  The first makes its approach from the northeast, passing by Lake Arnold and crossing over the false summit before reaching the true summit.  The second approach comes from the southwest, beginning at Lake Colden.   The trails can be combined to make a loop.

You can reach the Adirondack Loj trailhead by following Rte 73 out of Lake Placid toward Keene.  Take a right (just after the ski jumps) on Adirondack Loj Rd.  This road ends at the car park and hiker trailhead.  There is a $10/day parking fee.  Be sure to fill out a trip ticket at the trailhead.  Without one you may be fined.

The primary route is 12 miles round trip.  The hike begins on the trail leading to Marcy Dam.  From Marcy Dam, take the well used trail toward Avalanche Camps.  Take a left and begin your climb toward Lake Arnold.  From here you will turn right and hike past the bond, and continue to climb, which will give you some breathtaking views.  The terrain will become much steeper in sections, and views become considerably less grand as you reach the false summit.  There is a slight descent followed by a very steep climb up to the true summit, which has some very rewarding views.

The secondary trail is nearly 15 miles round trip.  From Marcy Dam again take the trail toward Avalanche Camps.  Head toward Avalanche Pass instead of Lake Arnold.  The following mile is called the “Misery Mile,” but don’t be discouraged by the name! It’s steep, but manageable.  Pass through Avalanche Pass (where temperatures may drop considerably) and carry on past Avalanche Lake.  The trail passing by the lake is quite demanding and is dotted with boulders, rock stairs and ladders.  When you pass the lake, the trailhead becomes much more moderate and descends to a register at a junction.  Take the left trail leading to Lake Colden, and then go left again and begin the very steep and strenuous climb to the summit of Mount Colden.

Whichever trail you take, the hike is quite challenging (though markedly more so on the secondary trail), however, the gorgeous views along the way and from the summit it make the climb well worth it.