Cavendish, Vermont

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Nestled in Okemo Valley along the Black River and Route 131, Cavendish, Vermont is a charming mountain side town.  It is made up of two villages: Cavendish and Proctorsville.  Though Okemo Valley may be thought of primarily as a summer destination it has great things to offer in winter.

On one side of the town lies the Black River, offering fantastic trout fishing and kayaking, in season.  On the other lies the Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area, with over 2000 acres of natural landscape.  Wildlife in the park include bobcats, black bears, falcons, and so much more.  In winter it’s a great place for snowshoeing and bird watching.

Cavendish was first settled in 1769 by Captain John Coffeen, who established residence with his family, in what is now called Coffeen Pasture.  In the 1780s Leonard Proctor came from Massachusetts, beginning the establishment of Proctorsville along the Black River.

Today the town, with its two small villages, nestled in the pine trees along the river, makes a picturesque scene.   Its many bakeries, restaurants, galleries, and other small businesses, mixed with its turn of the century architecture make the town charming and quaint.



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