Cobble Hill – Lake Placid, NY

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Lake Placid is known for some of its fantastic outdoor recreation, including hiking.  One great place to go hiking in Lake Placid is Cobble Hill. While it isn’t one of the High Peaks, the summit offers astounding views of the high peaks region and the village of Lake Placid.

There are two trails of ascent at Cobble Hill, making it possible to turn your hike into a loop.  The primary trail is roughly a 0.8 mile hike one way, via the more challenging, steeper route, or 1.6 miles on a less challenging grade.  The trailhead can be tricky to find, but once you do you shouldn’t have much trouble following it.  There is a small parking lot near Northwood School with space enough for 4-6 cars.  The trail begins about 20 ft away. From the trailhead follow along the path, paying close attention to the signs as there are several intersections with private land.  About 0.4 miles into the hike the trail will split.

The trail on the left leads to the shorter, but steeper climb to the summit.  It covers rough footing and bare rock slab, both of which are quite steep.  The trail to the right is the longer trail, which avoids the rocks and intersects with the path above them.  At this first outlook the view is breathtakingly dramatic.   The ski jumps and High Peaks are visible to the south, and in the opposite direction you can see the village sitting on Mirror Lake.

From where the paths intersect once again, there is a 1.2 mile hike (one way) to the summit.  This hike covers easy to moderate terrain.  At the top you’ll find panoramic views of the Olympic Village, Mirror Lake, the ski jumps, and great outlooks for Cascade and Pitchoff.  On the way down you can follow the path to walk along the shores of Echo Pond, where the trail will meet up with the trail you ascended.

Cobble Hill is a fun hike that can be enjoyed by accomplished and casual hikers.  While some of the terrain is challenging, it can be completed by young children.  It’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.



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