ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center – Burlington, VT

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800px-ECHOBurlingtonIf you’re looking for a great hands on adventure that will wow children of all ages, look no further.  ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center has everything you need to entertain your 6 year old, your 17 year old, and yourself!

While there is a small aquarium here, it is primarily a science center which explores the ecology and environmental challenges in the area. The science center explores the many creatures living in and around Lake Champlain.  Through films, hands on exhibits, and traditional museum displays you’ll learn about Lake Champlain, the wetlands, and even weather and how it effects the area.

Explore cool exhibits like the Into the Lake Exhibit where you can operate your own Remote Operated Vehicle and explore the General Butler shipwreck! Maneuver through a 7,000 gallon lake tank and gain a better understanding of how ROVs are used to explore not only shipwrecks, but deep water, and how it helps scientists to better understand those environments.

The frog exhibit is especially interesting.  Featuring frogs from all over the world, learn to identify frog calls from different frogs, watch them at feeding time, and learn about how frogs are an “early indicator” species and how they can help us identify problems with the environment.

If you need a bit of a breather, let your kids explore the museum while you enjoy the fantastic view of the Adirondacks out on the deck!

All of ECHO’s employees and volunteers are incredibly helpful and full of great information! You won’t get any scripted responses here.  Be sure to stop and ask if you have any questions about any exhibits.  You’ll learn some interesting information that isn’t on the plaques!

If you’re a member of a museum at home be sure to mention it at the front when you buy your admission tickets.  You may be eligible for a discount! Also be sure to check their website for discount vouchers on admittance.


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