Enjoy Historic Princeton, NJ

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PrincetonWhen you say “Princeton” there’s only one place that comes to mind.  It’s the beautiful town that is home to one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher education – Princeton University.

Established when it broke from Yale in 1756, Princeton has seen its fare share of history.  The Battle of Princeton in 1777 was a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War, and in 1783 it briefly served as our nation’s capitol.

Richard Stockton and John Witherspoon, both original signers of the Declaration of Independence, were residents of Princeton.  They have been honored by having streets named after them in the downtown area.

These certainly weren’t Princeton’s only famous residents.  Woodrow Wilson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Madison, and Michelle Obama are just a few of the famous students to come out of Princeton.  Albert Einstein had a fellowship at the university as did T.S. Eliot.

Princeton has much more to offer than just its stellar university. There are many museums, parks and squares to visit and many historical sites as well.

The picturesque streets look like they’re styled straight from the set  of a period film set in the early 1900s and they’re perfect for walking on a sunny afternoon.  There are plenty of great shops, restaurants and galleries to keep you occupied if the charm of the town isn’t enough.

Princeton is just an hour’s train ride from either New York City or Philadelphia, making it a great place for a day trip or a weekend away.


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