Experience Holderness, NH

Posted on: August 12th, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

Squam-Lake-2006Hidden away in the White Mountain National Forest mountains lays Holderness, New Hampshire.  Sitting on the Squam River, Holderness and White Mountain have becoming a great destination for camping, fishing and boating.

In colonial times the area was used as a trade route by Native Americans and settlers because of its proximity to the river.  It later developed into a farming and fishing village.

In the 1800s the unspoiled beauty of the mountains and lakes became a large draw for people hoping to escape the suffocating day-to-day of Boston or Baltimore during the Industrial Revolution.  By the turn of the century, Holderness was full of fishing camps and hotels along the shore and hillside.

Today, Holderness is still mostly rural.  The stunning natural beauty of the mountains and lakes continue to draw tourists throughout the year.   Its serene, mountain side location make it a great getaway from the city.



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