What do your air charter services cost?

Usually half the cost of typical jet charters for a similar flight, our air charters are priced by the entire plane, not by the number of passengers. Prices vary depending on the size of the plane and its particular features. Just complete the short form on the left side of this page to get our current between our most popular destinations. If you want to know the cost of your specific travel plans, complete a Quote Request or call us at (518) 523-2473.

Where do you fly?

We fly to over 5,000 airports in North America, including all major airports and many local airports too small for typical jet charter. We’re very competitive with typical jet air charters on flight time, often actually beating them on flights of 350 miles or less.

We routinely fly throughout New York and New England and we’re happy to put together travel plans anywhere in North America.

What airports do you fly into?

You choose. We fly to over 5,000 airports in North America, including Logan International (BOS), John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and La Guardia Airport (LGA). We find that our clients often prefer to avoid the congestion and inconvenience of large commercial hubs and instead choose smaller airports that are closer to their destination. Air charter gives you more choices, so you can fly from Bedford, MA (BED), Westchester County, NY (HPN) or Lake Placid, NY (LKP) instead of their busier commercial counterparts – spending less time waiting and more time enjoying your destination.

What cities do you fly into?

It’s up to you. You choose where you want to go and we’ll find the most convenient airport for you.

How far can I fly?

The Cessna Golden Eagle has a maximum range of over 1,200 miles, so it’s easy to get you anywhere in the east. If you’d like us to take you further (and we’re happy to fly out to the west coast), we just have to stop for fuel along the way.

How early do I need to get to the airport?

We fly on your schedule. We’ll usually be in the air within 20 minutes of your arrival at the airport. If you’re traveling light, it’s even faster.

How many passengers can you take?

We can accommodate up to 7 passengers and their luggage in a single aircraft. If your party is larger, we can make more planes available to you. Many of our business travelers find it convenient to have different travel times available for different members of their party. Whatever your needs, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Are there bathrooms on the planes?

Since we’re a regional air charter service, most of our flight times are pretty short, but there are potty seats in our twin engine planes. If it’s important to you, just let us know when you’re booking a flight.

How much luggage can I bring?

Say good-bye to that two-bag limit. Our Cessna Golden Eagle can carry over 1,000 pounds of luggage per trip. We can easily handle your golf clubs and skis, too.

Can I bring my pets along?

Absolutely. Depending on your pet, you may need to have them in a carrier, but they can be with you for the whole trip.

What about security?

With air charter, you choose every passenger you fly with. It’s the most secure way to fly or transport private items or information. You’ll see that though we follow all FAA standards, our security process doesn’t require that you remove your shoes or unpack your laptop.

Is there food on the flight?

Light refreshments are available on every flight and we can arrange for catering upon request.

What happens if I cancel my plans?

If it’s more than 72 hours before your scheduled departure, contact us by phone at the number on your confirmation and we’ll confirm your cancellation without any cost to you.

If it’s within 72 hours of your scheduled departure, please call the office during business hours.  If the office is closed, call your pilot directly at the cell phone number on your confirmation.  Your reservation will be cancelled only with live confirmation.  If your pilot has not already left to pick you up, there will be a cancellation fee equal to one half of your total air charter quote.  If your pilot has already left to pick you up, you’re responsible for the cost of your scheduled trip.