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Finding a good flight school can be difficult.  There are so many different choices, at so many different price points, and varying qualities. If your goal is to become a professional pilot you need a way to find out which school can offer you the things that you need.

Private or Commercial? 

Your first step is to determine which type of license you’re after.  Do you want to fly commercial aircraft or fly small planes for fun? The time and money commitments are very different, as is the outcome.

Part 61 or Part 141?

Part 61 and Part 141 are the two types of flight school.  The number refers to the part of the Federal Aviation Regulation under which it operates.

A Part 61 school will give you more flexibility with your schedule.  However, it will also require more flight hours before you can obtain your license.  A Part 141 school requires 35 hours for a private license, while a Part 61 requires 40.  This doesn’t make a big difference for private licenses, but if you’re looking for your commercial license you’ll find that a Part 61 school requires 250 hours while a Part 141 school only requires 190.

Visit the School

How do you find out if you like the school you’re interested in?  Visit it! Tour the facility, talk with the instructor, talk to other students if you can.  Ask them about what they like and dislike, the teaching style, and any other questions you have.

Learn to Fly Locally

If you live near Lake Placid, NY, you might be surprised to find that flight instruction is available locally through Adirondack Flying Service at the Lake Placid airport.  You can choose the experienced instructor who best fits your personality and interests.  Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more.

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