Fort Ticonderoga – Ticonderoga, NY

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Fort_Ticonderoga,_Ticonderoga,_NYAn important part of American history, Fort Ticonderoga is a wonderful place to visit if you’re in upstate New York.  At this U.S National Historic Landmark you can relive history!

This fort sits on close to 2000 acres of beautiful landscape, and was the site of five battles over the course of two wars.  Constructed during the French and Indian War and owned by the French, the site controlled access to the river port at he mouth of the La Chute River between Lake Champlain and Lake George.  It was placed to watch over trade routes when conflicts arose between the French and British over trade between the Hudson Valley River and Saint Lawrence River Valley.  As a site of strategic importance it was the site of many skirmishes between the French and British during the French and Indian War.  Barely 20 years later, it saw more bloodshed during the American War or Independence.

A visit to this beautiful historical fort allows you a chance to relive history! Learn about the battles that took place, and how the French and Indian War came to shape the way that Americans surged forward to claim their independence from the British.  A visit here is a chance to relive the moments that defined America as a nation.  The Fort has a long list of events, including many reenactments which can truly help you travel back in time and relive history.  See just what things were like at the Fort back in 1776 and our nation was born!

Fort Ticonderoga has an amazing museum with an extensive collection of diaries, books, maps, and other historical artifacts which connect with the history of the Fort and with the military history of the Lake Champlain Valley.  The museum is housed in the 1756 soldiers’ barracks.  See exhibitions on things like illness, injury, health, and medicine at the Fort, weapons used during the Revolutionary War, and the kinds of food soldiers ate while the stayed at the Fort.

On a beautiful day you can head out to the Kings Garden and enjoy an outdoor stroll surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and perfectly manicured gardens, overshadowed by the Adirondack Mountains and the Green Mountain Range.  If you’re feeling up to a challenge, check out the Heroic Maze!  The maze is designed in two phases, so it can be completed and enjoyed by young children, older children, and children at heart.  If you’re really looking for a challenge, go on the Fort Engineer Quest, where you’ll have to find special objects in the maze.

Fort Ticonderoga is a great place to visit for people of all ages.  If you enjoy American history, if your child is studying the Revolution, or if you are just looking for a fun day out.   The museum, gardens, and maze will keep you busy for hours!


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