Getaway in Cold Spring on Hudson

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759px-Main_Street,_Cold_Spring_NYThe village of Cold Spring on Hudson is an historic village established in the mid 18th century.  Bordered by the Hudson River on one side and Hudson Highlands State Park on the other, Cold Spring is just an hour away from New York City and is a great place to get away for the day, the weekend, or even an extended stay.

Local legend has it that George Washington visited in the 1770s and quenched his thirst with a drink from their “cold spring” thus giving the village its name.

Cold Spring was first settled by Thomas Davenport in 1730.  The riverside location made it ideal for trade, and a small trade outpost grew.  By the early 1800’s the West Point Foundry had been established, creating the opportunity for Cold Springs to thrive during the Industrial Revolution.  It provided munitions for the Union Army during the Civil War and was one of the largest industrial sites in the U.S.

The increase in industrial production created in influx in population.  It became a thriving village, and a cultural center, attracting artists, writers, and many prominent families, in part due to the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  During the Gilded Age well off families from New York built country mansions on the hillsides and streets, making Cold Spring a popular getaway.

When the Foundry closed just before WWI tourism began to fade and much of Cold Spring’s economy went with it.  However after WWII there was a resurgence.  Many people began to live in Hudson Valley and commute to the city.  By the 1970’s the Village was thriving again and was named a Federal Historic District.

Since it was named a Federal Historic District, Cold Spring has once again become a popular tourist destination, especially with New Yorkers looking to get away from the city.  It’s charming streets and 19th century store fronts lend themselves to leisurely walks and window shopping.  Hiking, golfing, or just sitting by the riverfront and relaxing are all favorite pass times in Cold Spring.

Getting to Cold Spring from New York City is new problem.  It’s served by major highways and by the Hudson Line.  Only an hour’s journey from the city, it’s a perfect place to come for a day or a weekend.




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