Glens Falls, NY

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Crandall_Park_fountain_Glens_FallsGaining the nickname “Hometown U.S.A” in the 1940s, Glens Falls, New York sits on the Hudson River just east of the Adirondack Park, about an hour outside Albany.  Though far from isolated, Glens Falls is the most urban of its neighbors, Queensbury and Hudson Falls.

Being a halfway point between Fort Edward and Fort William Henry, the area was the site for many skirmishes in the 18th century, during the French and Indian War, and during the Revolutionary War.

The village went through many names, and it was not until 1788 that it began to be called Glens Falls after Colonel Johannes Glen, who appears to have renamed the village after himself.

Glens Falls was incorporated several times to Queensbury in the 19th century, but it officially became an independent town in 1908.

Glens Falls is a fairly quiet town.  Located in the Adirondacks it is a great base for any hiking, cycling or outdoor sports you many enjoy.

During one fine week in September it also becomes home to the Adirondack Balloon Festival.  Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to take a ride in  hot air balloon and get a gorgeous view of the Adirondacks unlike one you’ll fine anywhere else.

To reach Glens Falls by air, you can fly into Albany Interational Airport and rent a car, or fly into Floyd Bennet Memorial Airport in Queensbury.  It can also be reached by rail via Fort Edward on the Adirondack or the Ethan Allen Express.


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