Kick Back in Wilmington, NY

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WhitefaceLocated in the Whiteface region of the Adirondacks is the quiet town of Wilmington, New York.   Equipped with beautiful surroundings and a quieter pace of life, this mountain top town is the perfect place to stop and get a breath of fresh air.

Settled in 1812, it was originally called Dansville.  However, because there was already a town called Dansville in the state of New York, it was renamed to Wilmington, after the town in Delaware.

Sitting in the Au Sable River, Wilmington had high potential for hydro-powered industry and manufacturing.  As with many other mountain towns, it became a popular site for mining iron ore, and lumber expenditures.

Originally developed as a farming community, Wilmington developed a booming industry with the help of Rueben Sanford.  Sanford helped to establish the sawmill, ironworks, distilleries, and potashery along the river banks, as well as seeing to the estasblishment of schools, churches, inns, and more.

Towards the later part of the 19th century, as these resources began to be exhausted, the area became more popular as a tourist destination.  Today it is still a very popular tourist destination, offering excellent outdoor sports through all the seasons.

The AuSable River flows through the town as Whiteface Mountain overlooks it, creating a serene, tranquil setting for any vacation.  It’s no wonder that it’s been a favorite of tourists for over a century.

Whiteface has been the site of two Winter Olympic Games and continues to be a spot where the world’s best go to train.




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