Lake Placid Horse Show


If you’ve driven to Lake Placid or flown commercially, you know how it feels to arrive here, already tired from your trip. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of hours on the road or in airports, making multiple connections just to land 30 minutes away from Lake Placid, you can land right next to the Lake Placid Horse Show grounds.

We’re here to make your Lake Placid Horse Show and I Love New York Horse Show experience’s simple. Our air charter services are all about quick, convenient flights and no hassles at a reasonable cost. Our Horse Show air charter clients fly from airports all over North America.

Because we fly cabin class twin engine aircraft, we can offer all the comfort and convenience of jet air charter, while being able to take off and land at smaller, more convenient airports, making it easier for you to meet all your commitments.

Lake Placid Horse Show’s Closest Airport is right next door.

So now you don’t have to choose between the Horse Show and other commitments. You can say “yes” to both. We’ll create your personalized air charter plans between Lake Placid and the airport that’s best for you. So let us know where you want to fly and we’ll do the rest.

As you make your plans to stay in Lake Placid, be sure to go to “Our Clients Recommend…” This unique guide includes our clients’ favorite places to eat and stay in the Lake Placid area. Businesses included in the guide have had to meet our clients’ high standards, so they’re sure to meet yours.

Ready for details? Complete our Air Charter Quote Request today or call us at 866-439-2399 or 518-523-2488.

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