Lake Placid Air Charter

At Adirondack Flying Service we specialize in making your Lake Placid air charter experience simple and easy. We’ve been flying our clients from their busy lives in New York, Boston and Washington DC to their retreats in the Adirondacks for more than 40 years.

Because we fly cabin class twin-engine aircraft we can offer all the comfort and convenience of jet air charter, while being able to take off and land at the airport that is closest to your destination.

So if you want to get home to Upper Saranac in time for dinner on the boat, we can fly you into Adirondack Regional Airport (SLK) in Saranac Lake.

Alternatively, if your family spent the week at Lake Placid, you can join them for the weekend. We’ll fly you directly into Lake Placid (LKP), shortening your trip by 30 minutes each way. And we’ll probably land even before your jet could have gotten to Saranac Lake.

Complete our Air Charter Quote Request or call 866-439-2399 or 518-523-2488 to get all the details.