Lower Wolfjaw Mountain – Keene Valley, NY

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800px-Lower_Wolfjaw_from_NoonmarkFor many, Lower Wolfjaw is either of the first or the last 46er completed along the Great Range, depending on which direction you decide to travel.  It is also the thirtieth highest peak in the Adirondacks!

The summit is wooded, but there are several clearings allowing for beautiful views.  The mountain was named by landscape artist Alexander Helwig Wyant, along with Upper Wolfjaw.

There are five distinct trails to the summit for this peak.   This hike is shorter than some of the other high peaks, and if you’re up for a long and challenging day, can be done in conjunction with Upper Wolfjaw.

If you’re coming from the Keene Valley Trailhead, it’s best to park at the Rooster Comb lot on Route 73.  Street parking is not permitted and your car will be towed.

From the St Huberts trailhead  it is a 4.8 mile hike one way, with a moderate to steep climb.  You will cross the Ausable River, and on the opposite side you’ll come to the Wedge Brook Trail.  The trail here becomes a little more challenging, with some steeper areas.  The base of the summit is very steep in areas and can be quite slippery, especially while making your descent.

For a slightly longer hike, you can begin at the same trailhead.  Once you cross the river follow the W.A White Trail instead of Wedge Brook.  This trail offers more moderate terrain over beautiful rolling hills, and then begins a steep ascent to the summit.  It also gives you the chance to take a slightly more scenic route.  The path will join up with the Range Trail which will take you to the summit. This hike is 5.1 miles one way and can be combined with the first hike to make a loop.

From Rooster Comb it is a 5.0 mile hike one way.  Cross the bridge over the beaver dam, and make your way past a small pond.  The climb begins here, remaining at a moderate incline until the junction to the summit of Roostercomb.  Past this point the climb becomes steeper at the summit of Hedgehog Mountain.  When you descend Hedgehog you’ll come to the W.A. White Trail, which will allow you to make it to the summit of Wolf’s Chin and Little Wolfjaw.

Each trail offers its own unique views and experiences, from peaceful ponds, to beautiful waterfalls and wooded areas.  The mountain is inside the Adirondack Mountain Reserve, which means there may be a great opportunity to encounter some local wildlife as well! Little Wolfjaw is one of the shorter hikes of the 46 peaks.  While it certainly isn’t one of the easiest, if you aren’t planning to join the 46ers but want to get a high peak under your belt, this one could be the one!

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