Mount Marcy – Keene, NY

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Mount_Marcy_360If you’re looking for a challenge, try hiking Mount Marcy! Not only is it the tallest mountain in the state of New York, but it offers plenty of varied terrain.

Climbing Mount Marcy is no simple afternoon hike.  While the hike is not especially challenging, it is quite long and will likely take most of the day.

There are multiple trails to the summit.  The most frequently used route is the Van Hoevenberg Trail, which starts at the Adirondack Loj.  From that point it is 7.4 miles to the summit (15 miles round trip), which, though a long trek, can be completed in one day.  The Johns Brook Trail is an 18 mile round trip, and is frequently broken at Johns Brook Lodge.

The Adirondack Loj has a parking fee at the Van Hoevenberg Trailhead.  The trail from this point is not especially challenging.  The first 2-3 miles are relatively flat.  The incline from there on is moderate, with the climb to the summit being somewhat strenuous.  This trail is not technically challenging but definitely requires stamina!

As you make your way to the summit you’ll find plenty things to see along the way.  The Marcy Dam will be your first scenic stop, followed by Indian Falls.  You will also be surrounded by pines and spruces.  The summit is above the tree line and the view is one of the most amazing you can find in eastern North America.  Only one of the other 45 high peaks is completely obstructed, while the other 43 summits are completely visible.  You’ll also see an array of smaller peaks, including Whiteface and Ester.   On a clear day you can even see Mount Royal in Montreal!

If you’re up for the challenge, Mount Marcy is an excellent way to spend your day and get in touch with the Adirondacks.  Not only will you spend the day surrounded by nature, but at the summit you’ll be able to see the entirety of the Adirondacks Park and beyond!




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