Not quite ready for prime time

Posted on: May 31st, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

Does a mini solar-powered electrical socket that you can take wherever you go sound like the solution to your power problems?

That’s basically what the Window Socket is.  This portable charger sticks to a pane of glass and charges from the sun’s energy, becoming an electrical outlet wherever you may need one.   It sounds excellent right?  It can be almost impossible to find an outlet in an airport, and hotels always seem to be a few short.  But there may be a reason it isn’t yet an essential in every traveler’s bag.

The downside is that the Window Socket has a long charge time – at least five hours – which makes it easy for someone on the go to forget. It also uses a standard European plug (not such a big deal), but only delivers at 1000mAh, so most appliances that you plug into the wall wouldn’t run.  However, that’s much higher than required for any USB socket.

All in all the Window Socket sounds like a pretty excellent device, but it might not be quite ready to solve all of our traveling power woes.

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