Nye Mountain – Lake Placid, NY

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Despite being only the fifty-first highest peak in the Adirondacks, Nye Moutain is considered one of the Major Peaks in the area.  Anyone who wants to become a 46er must climb this peak.  It is a significantly different hike than most of the other 46 peaks.  This hike will take you through open hardwood forests of maple, elm, and birch, and its trails are soft but not muddy.  While the summit is tree covered, and offers no view, of the trailless peaks, it is the easiest to reach.

Nye is typically climbed with Street Mountain, which is one of the more difficult peaks to access.  The summit of Nye was, at one time, equally difficult to reach because of the multiple crisscrossing herd paths that led to it.  However, trails have now been standardized, and the summits of both are significantly easier to reach.  While the summit of Nye offers no views, there are some very nice views along the path.

The trail can be reached from Heart Lake or from Adirondack Loj.  All hiking parties should have a trip ticket, or risk a fine.

Begin at the western corner of Hearth Lake and follow the Old Nye Ski Trail.  Follow the signs until you reach Indian Pass Brook.  Once you cross the brook you will pick up the trail on the other side.  This trail winds along the brook that sits between Street and Nye.  The trail will take you through bogs, forests and open meadows.  You will also have to cross the brook several times.  However, it is a fairly easy hike.

When you reach the plateau, you will reach the intersection of Street and Nye mountains.  There should be a sign marking “S” for Street and “N” for Nye (NOT North and South).  Follow this, and the summit is only a few hundred yards down the path.

Nye is a relatively short and easy hike.  While it does not offer views from the summit, the hike up to the summit is quite enjoyable, and offers its own views.


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