Olympic Center and Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum

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HerbBrooksArenaLake Placid has a long history as world class outdoor recreation destination, however, it wasn’t until the 1980 Winter Olympic Games that the world turned its eyes to the tiny town and became aware of just how fantastic it really was.  These games are known best for hosting the “Miracle on Ice” hockey game, where the U.S men’s hockey team, made up of mostly collegiate players, beat the Soviet team in a huge upset and went on to win the gold medal.

At the Olympic Center and Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum you’ll get to relive amazing moments like the Miracle on Ice game, and so many other great Olympic moments!  The museum houses all kinds of great information, and plays several documentaries about the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games hosted in Lake Placid, as well as displaying artifacts and information about the general history of the games.  It is something interesting and informative for all ages!

Be sure to catch a tour! Tour guide Jim Rogers was a member of the board for the 1980 Olympics and offers up all kinds of interesting first hand information.

Once you’ve finished exploring the museum, check out the various ice rinks at the Olympic Center.  There are a total of four ice surfaces open to the public, each holding their own piece of Olympic history.  At the Herb Brooks Arena the U.S men’s hockey team won gold against the Soviets in 1980, and  the Jack Shea Arena Sonja Henie defended her Olympic title in women’s figure skating, at the first indoor skating rink to be used in the Olympics.

If you’re visiting in winter the skating rinks are open to the public for skating!  In summer, catch one of the Saturday Night Ice Shows.  You never know who might stop by for these great shows! International level skaters like Johnny Weir and Rachael Flatts appear regularly, and skating legends like Jim Craig and Scott Hamilton have been known to make an appearance. 

The Olympic Center is a fun place to visit to learn about Winter Olympic history.  It has a lot of interesting information not just about games hosted in Lake Placid, but games hosted all over the world.  It’s a great thing to do on it’s own, but can also be fun when visiting the other Olympic sites.  If you plan to visit the other Olympic sites in Lake Placid, like the Jumping Complex, and the Sports Complex, consider purchasing an Olympic Sites Passport.


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