Olympic Sports Complex – Lake Placid,NY

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800px-File_BobsleighrunLPThe Olympic Sports Complex is one of the most exciting of the Olympic Sites in Lake Placid.  Like many of the other Olympic sites, it is still used to train future Olympians.  You may get the chance to see lots of the equipment in use.  You may also get the chance to use lots of the equipment or facilities yourself!

Mt. Van Hovenburg is home to worldclass snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.  In winter, clip on some skis and skate the same trails that some of the world’s greatest have done! Ski through the woods at your own pace.  In summer, use those same trails for mountain biking!

In all seasons the bobsled run is open.  Check out the Bobsled Experience to learn what it feels like to slide down the ice track! Take a ride on the bobsled ride with a professional driver and brakeman and experience every twist and turn for yourself.  Definitely an experience worth bragging about!

If the Bobsled Experience isn’t daring enough for you, try the Skeleton Experience!  This opportunity is only available in winter.  Experience the skeleton first hand! Slide down a curvy, icy track head first!! What could be more exhilarating?  Not for you?  There are plenty of places to walk around and watch other people sliding down the track.

At the Olympic Sports Complex you also have the shot to Be a Biathlete.  This program runs in both summer and winter, though in summer it is obviously limited only to shooting.   Let a coach guide you through the trails, get your heart racing, and show you how to line up a shot like a true biathlete.  Using a competition style .22 caliber rifle, you’ll take shots at the targets used in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

Be sure to check out a tour of the complex for some really cool information! You’ll learn all about the mechanics of the track, and the bobsleighs, as well as walk part of the track. And be sure to make some time to explore the small museum where you’ll find antique bobsleds, some of which can be touched, and some other interesting information you may not find elsewhere.

The Olympic Sports Complex is just one of many Olympic sites in Lake Placid.  If you plan to visit multiple Olympic sites, such as the Olympic Center, and the Ski Jump Complex, consider purchasing an Olympic Sites Passport.




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