Our reporter confirms rumors of long lines at U.S. Customs entry, to his chagrin

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

Summer is upon us and that means lots of people will be traveling abroad.  Those people can expect to wait in excruciatingly long lines at border control and customs this year, according to Dallas Morning News reporter James Osborne.

Travel officials have been warning that the wait through Customs and Border Control would be long this summer due to budget cuts, and the U.S Travel Association have been attempting to convince Congress to direct more funds their way so that they can hire more officers and reduce wait times.

On James Osborne’s recent trip through DFW International, however, he waited at least an hour and a half at customs, and things looked much worse for non-U.S citizens.  We can only assume that, unless Congress manages to provide funding to the U.S. Travel Association that things will get decidedly worse as the summer travel season reaches its peak.

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