Places to Eat in Montreal

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LaBanquiseAs the cultural capital of Quebec, Montreal is a mishmash of all kinds of cuisines and dining options, ranging from fast food, hole in the wall ethnic restaurants, and fine dining.  It claims to have more  restaurants per capita than any other city in North America and was  recently ranked the second best city for dining in North America, behind San Francisco.  A large Jewish population lends itself to plenty of great Kosher restaurants, which include delicious smoked meat sandwiches, and its French history mean there are plenty of great French cafes and and haute cuisine.

Many restaurants are “apportez votre vin” – bring your own wine – and liquor stores are generally conveniently located to restaurants.  It’s uncommon for these types of restaurants to charge a corkage fee.  Be sure to call your waiter “monsier” or “madam” and never “garçon”

La Banquise – No trip to Montreal is compete without trying poutine at least once, and La Banquise is the ultimate place to try one.  The dish, a specialty invented in Quebec, is made up of French fries swimming on gravy and topped with curds of white cheddar.   There are also plenty of other toppings you can add, like substituting another sauce for gravy or adding beef, bacon, chicken, or any other meats, as well as mushrooms, peppers, olives, or other veggies.   There are plenty of vegetarian options too!

Les Deux Singes De Montravie – Serving gastronomic French cuisine, Les Deux Singes de Montravie provides a memorable dining experience.  Their menu features meals meant to awaken and excite the senses, and is paired perfectly with carefully selected fine wines.  It has a friendly, warm, and relaxed ambiance, with decor featuring work from Montreal artists.  The chef has created beautifully creative dishes, and appetizers include duck ravioli, and a carmelized endive salad with goat cheese, and main dishes include specialties like pork tongue with gnocchi, and Korean BBQ. 

Europea – Winner of the 2013 Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award, Europa offers a truly fabulous dining experience.  Drawing inspiration from the Italian, Spanish, and Catalan roots of its founders, Europea offers a unique amalgamation of cuisines that evoke emotional responses.  Chef Jerome Ferrar was elected Chef of the Year by the Society of Heads of Quebec and Grand Chef Relais and Chateaux in 2011, and the restaurant continues to receive high accolades from the community.

Pamika Brasserie Thai – This restaurant may be small, but its meals and flavor are anything but.  Though the menu is limited, its authentic are made with plenty of fresh ingredients, and are perfectly seasoned and generously portioned.  It is one of the best places in the city to get delicious, authentic Thai food.  Enjoy a fun experience, with fried rice served in a hallowed out pineapple, or drink coconut milk straight out of the coconut.  It can’t get any fresher than that!

Espace Cafe – Winner of the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in both 2012 and 2013, Espace is a quality espresso bar which serves espresso and espresso based coffees using only the best coffee beans.  They have a full service cafe serving wraps, sandwiches, salads, and housemade pastries.

Le Club Chasse Et Peche – This gem located in Old Montreal will serve up such an amazing experience you’ll be wishing you could come back everyday to sample the whole menu.  Serving French inspired cuisine, menus are created using quality, fresh ingredients, and served with impeccable presentation.  The staff work hard to create the perfect blend of a formal and casual atmosphere, providing attentive service.  Enjoy delicious seafood, unique appetizers, and decadent entrees, such as perfectly prepared lamb, and venison with a vegetable medley.  Move on to dessert and enjoy delicious sweet treats like a maple syrup parfait, which will be the perfect end to this culinary extravaganza. The full bar creates perfectly mixed cocktails, as well as wines by the glass.

Cachitos –  A small bakery in downtown Montreal, Cachitos serves delicious Venezuelan cuisine.  A Cachito is a traditional Venezuelan pastry, typically filled with ham and eaten for breakfast.  However, its the perfect treat at any time of the day. Try a variety of flavors and fillings, or try some of their other traditional Venezuelan pastries, such as goldeados, which are a traditional dessert.


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