Saratoga Automobile Museum – Saratoga Springs, NY

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The Saratoga Automobile Museum is a must see for any automobile enthusiast.  Located in the Saratoga Spa State Park, it is housed in the 1935 bottling plant.  The museum focuses on the impact of the automobile, for the past, present, and future.

The museum can display approximately 30 cars between its three galleries.  The ground floor features a rotating exhibit and contains a childrens area which provides plenty of fun, hands on activities.  The second museum houses the New York State Stock Car Association Hall of Fame, and the permanent exhibit space, which over looks the ground floor.

This museum is the perfect size if you want something that holds your interest, but doesn’t take up your entire day.  The rotating exhibit currently features the Ford Mustang in its many incarnations.  Docents are happy to tell you about each car as you wonder through the exhibit.

The museum’s ongoing exhibitions include one called “East of Detroit,” which highlights the automobile industry in New York state. It provides an in depth look into the  state’s past and success stories like those of Pierce Arrow and the Franklin, as well as innovations that took place in New York.

Another exhibit explores automobile racing in New York State, and New York born cars that won famous races.  The New York Stock Car Association Hall of Fame also has a permanent exhibit, which features racing memorabilia, photographs and information about stock car racing, and the racers which made it possible, in New York.

There is a small exhibit about the spring bottling plant in which the museum is housed.  Learn about why Franklin D. Roosevelt pushed for the state operated spay to being its own bottling operation, and other history about the area.

While this museum is not large, it is full of all kinds of interesting information about the auto industry in New York, and the world a large.  It is a fun way to spend a few hours, especially for any car enthusiast.


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