Seymour Mountain – Tupper Lake, NY

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Seymour_Mt_seen_from_Mt_Donaldson_NYNumber 34 on the list of the 46 High Peaks, Seymour Mountain is the fourth peak of the Seward Range.  It is typically climbed separately from the other three peaks in this range, Seward, Donaldson, and Emmons.  An open rock ledge at the summit provides breathtaking views of Ouluska Pass, Long Lake, and the ridge.

There are multiple trailheads, but many of the trails are quite difficult.  Whichever path you choose, be sure you’re up for the challenge!

Climbing Seymour Mountain is an all day excursion.  You should plan 8-10 hours round trip.

The first six miles of the trail from the Corey’s Rd trailhead is the same as the secondary path to Seward, until Ward Brook Truck Trail.   Here the trails split and the terrain becomes more difficult.  The scenery changes quickly from wooded trails to rocky slabs and back again.  It makes for an entertaining climb and provides very interesting things to see along the way.

As you ascend you’ll find plenty of  breaks in the trees allowing you to see some very beautiful views.  At the summit you’ll find a few viewing platforms allowing some stellar views Ampersand Lake, the Sewards and much more.

Overall this is a 14+ mile hike, with moderate terrain but a steep climb to the summit.

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