Things to Do in Saugerties

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Opus-40Saugerties is a fairly quiet town that offers plenty of great things to do!

Take a stroll through Saugterties’ charming streets and take it in its many shops and restaurants. Stop by the Saugerties Antique Gallery which is filled to the brim with knick-knacks, clothes, and furniture from times gone past.

If you’re interested in camping then stop by the Saugerties/Woodstock KOA.  Whether camping to you means sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars, an RV, or a fully stocked cabin, they have the means to accommodate you.  They’re also surrounded by miles of beautiful nature trails, have an onsite geocaching course, fishing pond, and even a minigolf course.

If the winter spirity has got a-hold of you, Kiwanis Ice Arena might be a great place to go! Go ice skating during their free skate times, or even take skating lessons!

To learn about Saugerties and its rich history, visit the Saugerties Historical Society.  You’ll find great exhibits including art, memorabilia and information about local and regional history ranging from colonial to more recent history.  The museum itself is housed in a beautiful 1727 colonial home.

The Saugerties Lighthouse is also a great source of local history.  The beautiful 1/2 mile nature walk down to the waterfront sets the mood before you get into the charming lighthouse and museum.  Catch astonishing views from the tower and learn all about what life was like when nautical travel ruled the waterways.

For a great family friendly experience visit Bailiwick Ranch & Discovery Zoo.  See exotic animals, go horseback riding, go paintballing and much more! They have plenty of domestic animals in their petting and feeding zoo too! For even more animals, visit the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.  This 110-acre farm is home to rescued horses and farm animals who suffered from neglect or abuse.  Visit for a tour, vegan cooking classes, and much more!

One truly unique park to Saugerties’s name is Opus 40.  Using an abandoned quarry, Harvey Fite (a founder of the Bard College of Fine Arts Department) built a 6 1/2 acre monument of bluestone known as Opus 40 over a 37 year period.  The stone was all laid by hand using techniques Fite adapted from the Mayans.  Walk through, over, under and between its twists, turns and dips.  Designated a National Historic Place, Opus 40 is one of the most unique architectural features to be seen anywhere.

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