Things to Do in Princeton

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Princeton is a charming little town with lots to offer.  Strolling its streets and parks will give you plenty to see and explore.

No visit to Princeton would be complete without touring the University.  The campus, with its buildings that date back 250 years, can be breathtaking and awe inspiring.  See Einstein’s classroom, see where a cannon ball struck a building as Americans fought for independence from the British at the Battle of Princeton, and feel the years of history as you walk through the stone archways.

While you’re at the university, stop at the Princeton University Art Museum which houses over 72,000 works for art covering 5,000 years of history from all over the world.  You can see anything from African art dating back thousands of years, to Renaissance paintings, to modern photography.

To learn a bit about our nation’s history, visit Princeton Battlefield State Park.  See where General George Washington got his first field victory against the British Regulars.  The battle was so large it extended all the way to Princeton University (then the College of New Jersey) over a mile away.   Despite its bloody history, the park today makes for a great place to go bird watching, take a walk, or go for a picnic.

You could also visit Rockingham, the wartime headquarters of George Washington.   This was General Washington’s final headquarters during the war.  He waited here while the Continental Congress met in Princeton in 1783, and it was here that he received the news that the Treaty of Paris had been signed and that America was an independent nation.

If you fancy a day on the water stop by Princeton Canoe and Kayak Rental and take a  boat out onto the lake.  Who knows, you might catch a glimpse of the U.S National Rowing team, who train in Princeton.  You might also be able to check out a few Rowing events.



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