What makes air passengers happy?

Posted on: June 7th, 2013 by Erin Weir No Comments

JD Power & Associates’ 2013 North American Airline Satisfaction Study is out and it’s telling us just what it takes to keep air travelers happy.  Turns out it might just be as simple as a smile from their flight attendant and in-flight wi-fi.  Passengers who were greeted warmly ranked their satisfaction scores up to 106 points higher than those who were not greeted with a smile at check-in.  Travelers who had wi-fi on board were also happier than those who did not.

This survey, and others like it, helps point to the important issue of in-flight satisfaction, which new companies like Routehappy (launched in April 2013) hope to capitalize on.  Routehappy allows users to search for flights according to a certain happiness rating based on things like seat layout, seat comfort, noise level, length of layovers, number of stops, entertainment options, and wi-fi availability.

Personally I’d have to agree with BBC Travel’s informal poll.  In-flight comfort is the biggest factor for me on a commercial flight.  I can bring my own entertainment, but I can’t fix how much leg room they give me.

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