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Your safety is
our highest priority

Your safety is our highest priority. Adirondack Flying Service is operating uninterrupted charter service at this time. We take the safety of our clients seriously and are following all recommended CDC, State, and Federal guidelines to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.

Adirondack Flying Service
Safety Policy

Adirondack Flying Service has an uncompromised commitment to the safety of our passengers, crew and the general public by ensuring broad margins of safety for every flight.

Our team will assess the safest and most comfortable routes, considering and evaluating fuel requirements, weather, terrain, approaches, departures and other known risks and hazards of the flight.

Elements of FAR Part 135

Aircraft Requirements

All of our aircraft are in airworthy condition, including meeting the requirements relating to identification and equipment. All aircraft carry an appropriate and current airworthiness certificate.

Manual and Recordkeeping

Adirondack Flying service maintains and abides by an FAA approved operations manual, which includes procedures for accident notifications, reporting and recording keeping requirements for our aircraft. Certificate holders are also responsible to a specific level of recordkeeping at their place of business. We keep records including our FAA issued operating certificate, operating specifications, medical certificates, and flight time records for each pilot and aircraft.

Staffing and Training

To maintain the safety of aircraft and passengers, specifics on staffing and training are outlined in our FAA approved operations manual. There’s a specified minimum flight experience required for pilots operating under a FAR Part 135 certificate. In addition, a second-in-command is required when carrying passengers under Instrument Flight Rules (poor weather conditions that make a pilot rely on their instruments instead of visually watching the skies) unless approved to use autopilot.

Testing and training procedures are also detailed in our operations manual. All pilots must be regularly tested on all aspects of flight including (but not limited to) weight and balance of each plane, air traffic control procedures, meteorology, recognizing and avoiding bad weather, and instrument proficiency under IFR.

Safety Procedures

For the safety of aircraft passengers, FAR Part 135 details passenger information, including procedures on smoking, the serving of alcoholic beverages, and restrictions of who can occupy a pilot’s seat. Required equipment, which varies depending on flight conditions, are also meticulously maintained and verified by our mechanic team.

Updated: October 10, 2020

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