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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Adirondack Flying Service we field many questions related to our charter and scenic flights. Here are some of the most popular questions and their answers.

For more complete topic-based information please refer to our flight charter resources page or our scenic flight pages.

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1. When is the best time to take a scenic flight?

The first and last flight of the day as the air is less likely to be turbulent and more comfortable.

2. Is it cold in the plane?

For your comfort all of our aircraft are heated.

3. How high do scenic flights fly?

It depends on the cloud altitude. We go up to 5,000 feet but sometimes higher to get out of turbulence in the afternoon.

4. Does the Airport offer fuel?

Yes. For your convenience we offer full service fueling for both 100 LL and Jet A fuel.

5. Is there a car rental hub at the airport?

No, but there are several Lake Placid regional options nearby. Please call or text us for more information on ground transportation options.

6. How many people can go on a scenic flight at one time?

Up to 5, depending on how much the total passenger load weighs.

7. Does the airport offer a complimentary crew car to those who request it?

No, however there are several local options for rentals and transportation.

8. Is there a fee to use the airport services?

Depending on the size of the aircraft and the purpose of the flight, we have charges for various landing fees, de-icing and other services. Please see our flight charter resources page page for more information.

9. Do you provide aircraft maintenance services to the public?

Yes. From annual inspections on small aircraft to servicing turbo and jet props. Call ahead to schedule an appointment or speak with our maintenance team.
Wind sock at Lake Placid Airport

Our private charter services are convenient and reliable. Each plane is dedicated to your party, and our team goes above and beyond to employ practices to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. When it comes to traveling with COVID-19 considerations, you will be traveling with your own party in a sanitized aircraft, separated from the crew by a partition- not with up to hundreds of other people packed into an airliner. Our offerings to and from major metropolitan areas are more efficient than flying with an airline. We can often beat a jet to and from two points... ask us why! Our operation has over 80,000 flight hours with a perfect safety record. Costs are far less than any jet aircraft charter. We also service over 7,000 airports nationwide on your schedule, not the airline’s.

Ready to Fly?

Reach out to us to book your private charter flight. Whether you’re flying to or from Lake Placid, New York City, Westchester County, the Boston Metro area, or are considering a flight somewhere else in the United States, Adirondack Flying Service can get you there in comfort and style.